American Airlines hubs

What airport hub do you guys think American will dehub in the next 5 years

Philadelphia International

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I think they’ll end up keeping Philadelphia International.

I hope not Charlotte-Douglas

Pheonix I think

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Likely PHX.

They need a SE USA hub (CLT), having a NE USA hub is very advantageous (PHL). They already have LAX, so there’s not so much of a need for PHX which is near by.

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Exactly Miami is a central American hub so they need a domestic hub

Are you counting sub-hubs? I think JFK Is a sub-hub for American, not so much a central hub though.

I read in an article somewhere that in the coming years when they replace their a330s they might heavily reduce flights out of PHL and PHX

Charlotte is too big to dehub. They have more than 75% of the flights and most of their a320 series fly out of there. The same thing goes for Phoenix. I think Philly might get dehubed but they will still fly a lot of flights out of there.

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Focus city?

And MIA is the South America hub. Many Central America flights run out of DFW.


I’ve been Google-ing and I found some website that had people were wondering if flights out of Philly would be reduce because of how close it is to JFK. But Parker said that JFK and PHL are important airports for they’re network and he doesn’t see a need to reduce flights.

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Charlotte is key to their operation. Philadelphia is surprisingly a strong european hub. And phoenix is an absolute mess. It is like Cleveland to United as Phoenix is to American.

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Phoenix is kinda just stuck in the middle…

Well. Kinda.

Too close to LAX to actually be worth anything as a connection, Too far from DFW for the same.


Philly is too valuable considering its located in the northeast. They also have a whole terminal locally and international.

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