American Airlines for A320

I don’t understand. American Airlines is the largest A320 user. They have the most A320’s compared to every other airline. Personally the A320 is my favorite plane. It really disappoints me. Anyone else agree with me.

That’s a bit contradictory? 😂

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It’s because US Airways merged into AA.

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So why don’t they add American

Sorry I’m just confused

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Because the A320 is a great airplane…if it was bad they would have trashed them when the merged with US Airways and canceled their remaining orders :¥

😂😂😂😂 Yea I created this account when I liked the 787

The A320 is getting old. Soon Airbus needs to creat another domestic plane to compete with the 737-900

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But for now the A320 isn’t out of date yet. It was made ahead of its time and that’s why they are still being manufactured.

Was the 321 built to compete with the 767s or not or is that the 330s. Competes probably the wrong phrase,

321 was for 737-700 and 800 I think I’m not 100% sure. But the A330 is for 777.

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Did you join IF airline?

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A321neo competes and has largely ruined the 737 MAX 9

737-600 to A318-100
737-700 to A319-100
737-800 to A320-100, A320-200
737-900/ER to A321-100, A321-200
737 MAX 7 to A319neo
737 MAX 8 to A320neo
737 MAX 9 to A321neo
767 to A330
777 to A340, A350

A321 was built as a stretch of the A320. However, it has found a use at replacing domestic 767s.

What is better A320 or 21

Man timing is perfect tonight! Just opened the window and saw your reply.

Anyway, to answer your question, it all depends on opinion. I personally think the A320 is better because it is the base design of the very successful A319 and A321 (And the less popular A318). It gave Boeing a run for its money and helped usher in the fly-by-wire systems to commercial/airline aviation. The design is very flexible and can take off in short distances and fly the shortest sectors to trans-Atlantic flights. Although it can be argued that the A321 is more revolutionary because currently it is replacing 757-200s and even 767-200s and -300s, the base design can be traced back to the A320.

I did realize that the A320 does have backup instruments. Is that more safe or am I missing something.

And do you thing IF needs an American livery for the A320. Also I suggest you join the new IF airline.