American Airlines Flight 982 | A Delayed Return Flight from St. Louis to Miami

This flight that I have decided to do was about the time my plane was delayed for 2 and half hours on August 2, 2015. What happened was that at St. Louis Airport, I expected to leave St. Louis at 4:30 PM to get to Miami by 8:30 PM. However, my plane landed in St. Louis Airport at 7:30 PM and parked at gate C8. Prior to my departure, I was assigned seat 13A for my return flight to Miami. As I boarded the plane, my plane left at 8:40 PM and then took off fifteen minutes later. Then the time changing to Miami time, my plane descended late at night and landed in Miami five minutes past midnight which was very late and finally arrived at gate D17. For this reason, I would like to show you some screenshots about my flight delayed at that time.

Flight Info
Airline: American Airlines (Old Livery)
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 2hrs 17mins
Altitude: FL390
Origin: St. Louis Lambert International Airport
Destination: Miami International Airport

American Airlines Flight 982 Screenshots

Here goes my aircraft parked at Gate C8 getting ready for me to board for my flight back to Miami

On my plane seated at 13A ready to pushback from Gate C8 in Lambert-St. Louis International Airport

American Flight 982 ready for evening taxi to RWY 30L after startup

A beautiful night takeoff from St. Louis headed to Miami

My plane banking left onto left upwind of RWY 30L that I just took off. Also, you can see the view of the airport

Cruising at FL390 flying through Tennessee for Miami at 10:00 PM, it was snack time. My flight attendant served me, Dr. Pepper, whilst, I had my own soda that my Aunty bought me with my bag of Kettle Cooked chips.

Oh G, it was almost midnight as my plane started its descent for Miami International Airport as you can see the spoilers extending up halfway over the Everglades. I was so excited to see my Grandma as I arrived to Miami this late.

Flight Attendants, prepare for landing at Miami International Airport at midnight. At that time, you can see Florida terrain during approach for RWY 8L.

A smooth touchdown in Miami International Airport with the thrust reverser. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Miami. The local time is 12:05 AM. Pretty late, wasn’t it. As long as I landed back in Miami from St. Louis.

And finally, I have arrived at gate D17 at Miami International Airport getting ready to exit the plane to see my Grandma again from my St. Louis summer vacation.

Alright, that wraps up my flight that occurred on August 2, 2015. I did not expect my flight to be delayed. However, I enjoyed being in St. Louis that summer to enjoy my Aunty, Uncle and my Granddad and moreover, I will see them next summer. The most important part is that I enjoyed the flight. A great flight on that American Boeing 737-800. Thank you for exploring my late flight experience because that happens when you leave in the evening. Its delayed.

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Cool wing shots!

Thank you so much

Thank you for the love of a higher being for using KSTL! So underused unfortunately…

I will try a long haul out or into there hopefully.

Noice mate

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