American Airlines Flight 368 Review KDFW-KSEA

Arrival to DFW We arrived too at DFW airport 3 hours before our flight. Our gate was originally A29 but with an hour before flight time it was changed to gate D21. Our aircraft on the route was an Airbus A321-200.
**Boarding ** Boarding the Airbus A321-200 was surprisingly quick for a full flight. When everyone was boarded we pushed back on time for a Runway 18L departure.
**Taxi,Pre-Takeoff ** when sitting in my seat I noticed that we had IFE! This was my first time having IFE in an airplane so I figured the plane was pretty new.
Takeoff/Climbout Our turn for takeoff was short for DFW and we were off to SEA airport. During our climbout to FL.340 there was a few bumps but nothing too be worried about.
**decsent/ Landing ** As we began our decsent into SEA we picked up some bumps as we were going through clouds and these bumps were a bit more noticeable. We did the ILS runway 16C and after a smooth landing so Pax began clapping for the landing. We taxied across 16L and into our gate.
Overall, the flight was a 10/10 and great service by American Airlines on this flight!


Great pictures, @N1DG! American is probably my favorite airline.

Thanks! I like them as well. Never have had a problem with them

The IFE System on American Airlines is a couple years old, but still new. IFE has been around for awhile if you’ve flown the mainline carriers in the last 5 years or so…😜

I enjoyed this trip report, mostly because it involved DFW lol, but very thorough with cool pictures.

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I did this one also but in the night and in an old B738! N946AN.

I’ve never ever had IFE in any of my flights in the past 5 years soo this was a treat for me and fun too play with it while in flight

the best IFE I have experienced since it became a thing was Delta. Their IFE was nice. Mainly because it had all my favorite movies on it.

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