American Airlines Economy Trip Report [KLAX-KSEA] A319

American Airlines Economy Trip Report [KLAX-KSEA] A319

For my birthday, I decided to go to Seattle. Obviously to go to Boeing! I wanted to try a few other airlines to add to my list of flights, so I decided on American Airlines and Virgin America. As you all know, Virgin America has merged fully with Alaska Airlines, so I will be taking Alaska back to KLAX. At the time of writing, I am on the plane, waiting for PAX to board.

The Good Stuff
Our aircraft was a 17 year old ex-US Airways aircraft. I came in, expecting it to be a pigsty. Not the case! It was one of the most clean aircraft I have ever been on.

After asking for Priority Boarding to take pictures, our wonderful desk agent happily let us board first.

As walking down to my seat 24F, one of the FA’s greeted me and asked me about my day, where is was going, etc. So far, American seemed to have been a great airline.
Upon getting to our seat, I noticed that despite it having 30 inches of pitch, it seemed very spacious.

Once our A319 took off from 24L, we hit some very bad turbulence. Possibly the worst I’ve ever had. (And that’s saying a lot) once we reached cruising altitude, I tried the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) personal screening- no such luck. I called a flight attendant and she was able to do it through a convoluted process. The movie selection was not good. There were mainly horror movies, and I wasn’t really interested in watching It. After scrolling through the menu, I found 5 kids movies. I ended up watching Penguins of Madagascar.

By the time it was over, we were on final. The flight ended with a very smooth touchdown.

Thanks for reading! Be prepared for my report back on Alaska in the next few days!


Gogo-Inflight Wifi and entertainment not working

Pitiful Recline

Two Windows!


Please help me out and give me constructive criticism. Thanks!

I would like to see more pics and info from the flight, but other than that not much. Hope you had fun and have a great time at Boeing! :)

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More pictures will be helpful

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Would love to. Will upload some more!

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Very well said.

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