American Airlines E175 First Class Review!

By all means… If you used money or points, you have a right too

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That was my only flight ever that I did not pay for with money. I hate giving negative reviews, trust me. I feel terrible posting that, but I just want to give my honest experience. I’m not saying that this was a negative review, for an American Eagle flight, this is probably what I expect. American isn’t a luxury airline by any means, but they’re not spirit

Great flight! I am so glad that it is to an airport as unique as DCA

No American Airline is a luxury airline lol

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American is a luxury airline, I’m saying compared to the likes of emirates and Etihad

It really is unique! I swing in there twice now, and the approach was great the first time, but the second time well…

What runway did you land on?

The patomic runway, but it was pouring

Yeah it sucks when you don’t get that good view in.

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American’s fully owned subsidiaries have different operating standards, and usually have very good quality product with professional FAs.
So republic/mesa don’t produce “AA” quality product imo.

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American is one of those I want to try, but, I do have a review coming up very soon of there a319 in economy

This reminds me of being at an airport again.

😢😢😢😢 I want to get in the sky 😭

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I’ve flown AA E175 First Class before. I’ve had flawless experiences every time. Keep in mind it’s a regional flight. When I step on that plane I’m not expecting much I only fly first class if I get upgraded or the price is pretty slim between economy. Perhaps you maybe came in with a little bit too high of expectations because of the price.

That makes sense, I just felt the price was super high, regardless that I had that voucher, the price is important to keep in mind, because I don’t wanna pay so much money for something that I’m gonna get nothing out of, so the higher the price, the higher the expectations

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It was weird as that’s not the kind of service you get in a AA regional first class.

I don’t know. I guess every flight is different.

Wait we’re the seat belt signs turned on or off for the majority of the flight? That sometimes can be a factor as it’s happened before to me where there was no service.

It was pretty normal, they were off for about the first two hours, and the last 30 minutes they were on. It was a little bit of a longer flight because they were avoiding some weather

Hmm weird idk. I’m Gold with them and I don’t want you to have a bad taste in your mouth about them. There product is pretty solid aside from the price at times normally.