American Airlines Dispute at ORD


What is with American Airlines not signing this lease for something at ORD? I heard if they don’t sign it, it would mean a possible deHUBing from ORD for American?

Something about them being upset or something about United “secretly” getting more Gates with the upcoming expansion at ORD. What do y’all think?


Absolutely no way AA dehubs ORD.


American has way too many operations there to de hub

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That would be a major mistake for them! I’m very curious to see what goes down. But there is rumors about it that I’ve heard

Well those rumors are completely false.

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I’d really hope so!!!

If O’hare is no longer a hub for American it will be a huge blow on them

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MaxSez: Rumors, LOL, more like fish bate. Not at all surprised the guppies spawned… just gotta get that FaceTime don’t ya kiddies…


If American goes through with this, which they probably won’t, they probably willl move the hub to St. Louis. I wouldn’t be complaining.

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Yes. That makes sense. It seems like it would be good news for SWA. Midway would get a whole lot busier!!

Not necessarily, you would probably see UA and ULCC’s fight for those remaining gates at ORD.

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Not meaning SWA would get those gates. I don’t think they’ll ever go to O’Hare, but I do think it would draw more attention to Southwest, Which will make Chicago Midway Airport more busy.

And UAL is still recovering from their incident with the dragging off the airplane in Chicago. However it will draw more attention to UAL and ULCCs, but I think this goes down Southwest will get most attention out of it.

The aviation industry in America has really been quite stubborn recently.

People AA is not leaving KORD. The dispute is over United gettings more gates than American in the expansion. What is not mentioned is that in the early 2000s, AA added 5 gates spaces to their terminal. But the problem with that is AA paid for thise gates not through airports fees but rather out of pocket. United is having theirs built through the airports fees. Seeing as both AA and UA are the biggest payees to thise fees you can see where AA has the problem with the Airport fees being used for United’s additional gates and not United paying out of pocket.

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Even tough it’s fake news, I really wish this was true lol. Not because I love UAL (I actually have very little respect for them right now) but because I think AAL needs to reconsider its options in ORD. United has taken it over and while it’s true it would be a monetary mistake to leave, they could make it up by Hubbing elsewhere.

I completely agree with American on this, United should not be allowed addition gates if they are not paying for them out of their pocket

Do you have any source that says that they are still affected by this incident?

I don’t, but i mean, that was a bad incident and i do believe they’ve lost a lot of costumers because of it. They seem to have had a not great reputation in 2017. I Mean They flew a kid to the wrong place and I was just reading earlier that they flew an elderly woman a little over 1400 miles in the wrong direction. So yes I still believe that they’re recovering from the incident as well as several other things that havd happened to the airline this past year.

I’m not saying that United is the only airline that has struggles, and maybe it’s the media that has vocalized their struggles more then other airlines. But out of all of the incidents I’ve read this year, United has been in the most of them