American Airlines DC-10


Not sure why this beauty hasn’t been requested…


Looks like a DC10-10.

Look at all that chrome.


AA’s livery makes it look short because of how huge the word American is.

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I’ve given up on arguing about old planes being in the game.

Sorry —
But am I the only one who doesn’t really like the all chrome setup?

Looks perfect!

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I love the classics! Reminds me of the old days of me sitting and watching old aviation videos of planes landing and taking off. Northwest Airlines, Continental Airlines, and other ill-fated airlines still exist that time. Ah the good old days, it’s around 2006-2008

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Bump, very important with the new poll.

Would look great in IF, fun fact- This is the only variant of the DC-10 family that only have the two outer landing gear bogies. DC-10-30/40 have the three bogies.