American Airlines DC-10

Okay, so in IF, we have the American Airlines livery for the MD-11. But, we don’t have that livery for the DC-10. I think that is very weird since we have the American Airlines livery for pretty much every other plane in IF which American Airlines has flown in real life, so why not put the livery on this one as well? It’s a little weird to have the American Airlines livery for all of their other planes, but not this one.

I have provided a real photo of an American Airlines DC-10 as evidence.

This is American Airlines plane N106AA. It is a DC-10 Luxury Liner which was delivered to American on 10/12/1971. It was in American Airlines service until it was scrapped in 2001. Here is the link to the registration website I used:

Photo credit: Jetphotos; photo link: N106AA | McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 | American Airlines | PAUL LINK | JetPhotos

I’m guessing no-one else agrees with me?

Most people like to prioritize things that they vote for (i.e New Aircraft)

This is something that may not be on their minds right now.


I would love AA on that bird, but there are so many other liveries out there that I care more about, especially with the MD-11 being so similar. Also for a feature request, it is always great to add more details to the post.

@Charlie_Boothe I got you a vote. Number 2

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I think this would be great to have and I love the livery on the shorter plane.

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I’m a little confused. Do you mean I should add more detail? Or do you mean that you like how I put all the details that I did?

The post is very short. If you want to get a lot of votes, make it eye catching! Give it a lot of details that are fun and informative to read. We only have something like 10 votes, so make it a topic worth voting for with everything else out there that you want to vote for.

Okay, I see what you’re saying.

Should be a good idea to add this livery to the DC-10 as it’s still missing from the selection panel. American Airlines was the world’s largest DC-10 operator until 2000.


Since devs says liveries can still be added on older models, Im still waiting for this ICONIC livery on come of course and more liveries on the DC-10/MD-11


Also its pretty weird this livery has not been added in the first place but the MD-11 sure you can still fly it but the DC-10 is more iconic and remembered to others

Much more iconic than the MD-11. It’s the OG DC-10
Fun fact: Airlines stole American’s idea of putting lounges in Coach class along with First

I’m bumping this. :)

American operated by far more DC-10’s, and this aircraft is more suited for operations within the U.S. domestic market.

American Airlines provided DC-10-10 (50), 30 (10) fleet.

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I’m genuinely surprised that this livery didn’t make it on the DC-10, along with United. Both carriers even operated the type we have in IF. I really hope that this livery comes since it was such a prominent user.


McDonnell Douglas DC-10: Aircraft: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30

Reg: N144AA

Serial #: 47848/136

Airline: American Airlines

Photo Date: Jul 10, 1985

Uploaded: Feb 21, 2023

London Gatwick Airport - EGKK, United Kingdom


by Kurt Kolb :

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The DC-10 Luxury Liner, I wonder how “luxurious” passengers really felt when riding it!

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