American Airlines Dash 8-100 (Piedmont Airlines Retro Livery)

Hello fellow pilots! As I have been finding very interesting planes on FR24 , I would like to share one of my favorite liveries. The Piedmont Airlines Dash 8 Retrojet.
Credit -

EDIT - There has been a feature request for the same livery but for a Q300 not a Q100


I’d love to see this, they fly out of HPN all the time

@Aussie_Wombat This is a feature request.

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Just realised, that’s why I immediately deleted my post.

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It looks so adorable!

Still? I can never find them…

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The livery fits perfectly in the aircraft!

Yea, since AE started service to MIA, they cut the PHL service to like a couple times a week

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Love the Piedmont livery. Always have.

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I love these cute little planes!