American Airlines Cutting Legroom in 737 MAXs

American airlines have purchased 100 737 MAX aircraft (60 extra on option)

You expect good news for customers brand new aircraft which is quieter with many new innovations. But American Airlines have decided to cut legroom!

Even though the cut is only 1-2 inches (depending on row) (5cm) it would still a noticeably difference especially on longer flights.

This is not what you would expect from the “2017 airline of the year” by newson6 which was relatively controversial

What does everyone think about another comfort reduction from the airline?


Personally I wouldn’t notice the difference for two reasons:

  1. I’m only 5’6"
  2. I fly Frontier…
    I’ve been living with less legroom my whole life.

Is this a real world experience you have encountered with american? We want to limit news post unless it affects you because you fly American all of the time


I saw this video earlier this morning. But I decided to share it in Discord instead in here

But again, it’s Economy Class so there’s nothing you can do. Do you want more legroom with wider seats? Fly PE/Business/First instead 😉


That seatback gets closer and closer to my face every year. C’mon airlines, I can see the IFE screen perfectly fine even if it’s another inch or two farther away.


No TVs it seems. Look at the gallery. Not sure if it’s identical to AA’s options…


The comment was made in jest :) I remember the days when my economy seat had 34-35 inches of pitch, those were the days.


One more reason to fly Delta.


Alright for you sir. I’m 6’0" projected to be about 6’3"… you don’t know how much I value the extra legroom on the BE 175s…

Again, alright for some…

I know it isn’t for everyone. Butbpersonally hearing news like this won’t matter to me because I can fit in very narrow rows.

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I remember seeing a news story a while ago where AAL decided not to put IFE on their new MAX aircraft.

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I like American Airlines, hopefully they change their minds.

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