American Airlines confirms to buy 20 Boom Supersonic aircraft

As the title suggests, American airlines will be buying 20 Boom supersonic aircraft. These supersonic aircraft will make travelling a lot faster than regular aircraft travel. The speeds of these aircraft will be 1,300 MPH (2092.147 KM/H).

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This is pretty big news. I wonder if Delta will follow suit…


Well, didn’t expect this from American

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Mid plane mid airline

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Not to put anyone down, but if you have been following any other forums with real pilots, company’s ordering boom planes mean nothing. Boom has not even made a prototype, and company’s such as united “ordering” these boom planes is all a publicity stunt. Very low chance that boom will actually make a supersonic aircraft. I would keep your hopes very low.


Well, you must be fun at parties :)

But jokes aside, you do make a valid point. I really hope Boom is able to put their supersonic aircraft into service within the next decade.

I don’t know why, but I just don’t like these Boom planes. Of course they could make travel totally different in a good way. But idk, don’t like them.

All of this reminds me of the Bombardier concept.

I found it interesting that American put down a non-refundable deposit on these aircraft. Out of all the legacy airlines out there, they need to control their cash-flow as much as possible. Will be interesting to see if this pays off in the long-run.

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Would love to end up flying on this one day

Exactly, if supersonic failed with the amazing Concorde, it sure won’t work in today’s day and age.

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From the article on Boom’s website announcing American’s deal…

“In July, Boom revealed the final production design of Overture, which is slated to roll out in 2025 and carry its first passengers by 2029.”

Prototype, no, but production design yes with intent for passenger flight by the end of the decade.

As a side note, I do like the 2707 design similarities the Overture aircraft has.

If they actually manage to get them into service with airlines, I think the American livery will look good on it

I’m sorry, but this sounds like an absolute financial disaster for AA. As cool as it could be, I just see operation costs breaking American Airlines and leading to a slew of problems. idk why, but I just feel it.

As someone who has been inside with the CEO it’s nice to see people interested In boom.

Should be flying by 2029

American is going to become a supersonic airline with United in the United States!

folks, prepare to have headphones with you, you’re going to need them! lol


Cowboy Concorde


Hopefully we will see British Airways and Air France place orders soon, I honestly don’t see what’s stopping them. If anyone were to place orders for supersonic aircraft again, you would think it would be these two. Then Air France may finally get to operate a flight under the call sign Air France 1 again.

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Fascinating story. But feeling I might be missing a piece of a puzzle.

It’s interesting the CEO and founder has no experience in aviation. It seems his education was in computer science (he has had good business success in IT).

JAL invested $10 million around 2017 in this startup. Though that was a small sum by aeronautical industry standards. Potentially a high payoff if things work out, but only the $10 million at risk on the downside. (There’s some presumption of outsized return implying outsized risk).

“Neither American nor the manufacturer Boom Supersonic would provide financial details Tuesday, including the amount of American’s deposit.” American Airlines places deposit on 20 supersonic planes from Colorado’s Boom Supersonic (

Do to uncertainties involved I might guess the financial arrangements could be structured to participate on the upside (if performance and delivery claims can be met) while protecting against loss on the downside.

There are numerous uncertainties. Sufficient premium fare customers on routes approved for supersonic travel impact is one among several unknowns.

Highly capital intensive with an interesting and somewhat uncertain risk profile.