American Airlines cancel most to all of their flights at their hubs on the East Coast

Due to an impending blizzard in the Tri-State Area and the East Coast of the United States. The largest airline in the world, Amercan, is canceling all flights from Philadelphia, New York JFK, Charlotte Douglas, BWI, Ronald Reagan, and DCA. American Eagle also is cancelling flights from the airports all of the impacted airports.

Side note:
If only Infinte Flight had snow🤔


It would freeze, got it?


Wow! That’s pretty suprising to hear, is everything okay so far in the East Coast? Because if it’s impending, it should be coming soon! I hope you all stay safe over there in the East Coast.

It doesn’t help all the other storms around.

Hit the play button, it makes it interesting to watch the cancellations increase as the weather moves.

For Philadelphia it arrives at 11pm tomorrow

Ugh east coast. Thats were i live. But every thing is going well here

This is awesome because my boss was supposed to fly into Philly tomorrow afternoon! :)

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Snow will mainly effect points to Charlottle and New York

That’s why I live in vegas.

Even though it is a travel zoo, I would love for some heavy snow in Chicago. The last big snow was in 2011 with the 2 foot blizzard.

I’m glad to hear that! Stay safe!

Only getting 8 inches to a foot of snow out in the suburbs of New York. @Carson am I right?

I haven’t been following but I guess so😄