American Airlines BUS?

The title says it all! American Airlines is now operating BUSSES to select short connections routes because of a lack of pilots in the airline. These busses are designed on the interior to look like a CRJ seating arrangement. One chair on the left and two on the right.

Current routes that AA uses the buses are:

  • Philadelphia - Atlantic City
  • Philadelphia - Lancaster
  • Philadelphia - Allentown

What are your thoughts on this?


It’s different but cool at the same time!

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Thoughts? I think it’s a hilariously smart partnership. It’s innovative, I suppose, could be ground breaking. Not sure how the consumer’s feel about it though…

Best part is the flights show on FlightRadar24:


Yeah I saw how they look on FR24. It’s funny

“American Bus taxiing to the exit gate, departing to the highway” lol!


Imagine going to your gate to find out you were “flying” on a bus lol

Right when I saw this I knew it’d have something about the Jeb Brooks video! I think it’s overall really cool, but I’m not sure how feasible it would be for wide adoption. If this does ramp up, I would expect a lot of people to think they are actually boarding a flight, but then realize it’s a bus lol

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Yep that’s how I found out about that

PHL and Atlantic City Airport are only 40 nautical miles away from each other straight line distance, and 54 miles (46 nautical miles) by road… so no matter how you cut it, the bus drivers can’t log XC time.

I’d be somewhat bent out of shape if I went through security and all to get on a bus, but I also feel like there’s gotta be a less-wasteful way to travel those 40 miles than on a plane. Looks like American has found it.

Besides, if you can avoid the terminal, taking a bus is probably quicker than air travel.


Lufthansa has been doing like this for a while now. Not just with busses, but also with trains. For example, if you want to go from Nuremberg to Munich, you take the bus. Lots of advantages there. You arrive 10 minutes before departure and all your bags get checked through to your destination in case you have a connection flight. An example for a train would be the route between Munich and Zurich. The Swiss Federal Railway is operating a regular train on that route, which now stops at Zurich Airport too. Quick and comfortable. The German Railway even became a Star Alliance Partner recently.

I believe that we’ll see a lot more of these things in the future. For some routes, a train makes much more sense than a plane.


But making a connection without having to go through security again though, that would actually be worth it, right?

How does security work for that? Do passengers just get dropped off landside at Munich or will they be screened at Nuremberg already and be allowed in the secure area (I’m assuming not since it’s only 10 minutes before departure). I’m asking about these is since I feel like if the bus is going from one airport to another, why not just make them go through security at the origin and then go straight into the secure area of the terminal (obviously there could be security concerns about that, but if it’s allowed). That would also make it more like an actual flight, with a much more similar connection experience.

Yeah Hong Kong has been doing a similar thing with ferries, you can get a ferry straight from the terminal to Macau, Zhuhai and Guangzhou with many airlines recognising it as a valid connection within the airport and checking your bags through.

You don’t go through security before boarding the bus, but you drop off your luggage. In the end, you still save a lot of time by doing that as you don’t have to queue at the airport.

Reading this article, it’s the same thing with this American Airlines Bus. They’re working with the TSA on the security clearing, but as of now, you don’t. You board the bus in front of the terminal.

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