American Airlines & British Airways Begin Redeveloping New York JFK's Terminal 8

Today, American Airlines and British Airways mark the start of redeveloping Terminal 8 at New York JFK Airport for only a small amount of…



Nah, American’s Twitter screwed up. It’s $344 million.

About The New Terminal:

  • Scheduled to be completed by 2022, this revamped terminal will house both American Airlines and British Airways, meaning British Airways will finally move from Terminal 7 to Terminal 8 to consolidate itself with its Transatlantic joint venture partner.
  • Currently, the two airlines offer 14 daily flights between New York JFK and London Heathrow.
  • New York to London is considered “the most important and lucrative route for business in the world," by the Business Traveller
  • The new terminal will have 9 new gates - 5 widebody jetbridges and 4 stands using buses (yay for avgeeks)

More Images of T8:


Arrival Hall

American Airlines 787 @JFK confirmed? 🤔

Images/Info by AA:

In comparison, this is the current Terminal 8 Interior (Image by onemileatatime)

Overall, it looks to be more modern than the current Terminal 8. Truthfully, I like the current terminal but I’m excited to see the final outcome for this one.

What are your thoughts?


Really interesting! I’m glad to see a much needed expansion at a busy airport

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Wow. Its like NYC is expansion central. First it was LGA, now this.

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From the picture below I’m getting LGA new terminal vibes.

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Honestly though:

(Image by 6sqft)

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