American Airlines British Airways and United 787-8!

Like cmon these need to be added! The 787 8 is literally the coolest long haul plane ever. Smaller underrated. Seriously I would only fly this plane if they had more liveries that are more famous on this plane. Get rid of the fake delta livery too. They don’t even have that plane. Not realistic at all:(

You can only vote for one thing at a time. Also vote for your own feature.

You may vote for them here:

It is always advisable to search for existing requests before creating a new one.
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What do u mean I didn’t vote for anything

I like the suggestions! Just vote for the already existing requests mentioned above 😊

In addition, I’d give this topic a little read. For example, you should only request one thing per suggestion and add a little more information.

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Can you provide pics and more information

Yay! Thanks for the support!

Means there’s already topics about them. Please utilize the search bar in the future 👍

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There’s no need. There’s already feature requests for those livery’s.

Ah I see. Thanks for letting me know