American Airlines Boeing 787-9. MIA - TGU/MHTG - MIA

American Airlines (N172MD) Boeing 787-9.

Flight route: MIA - TGU/MHTG - MIA.
Flight time: 2h 37m.

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MIA Airport.

27 Runway Takeoff, MIA Airport.

Miami, Florida.

Caribbean Sea.

Landing 2 Runway, Toncontin Int’l Airport (TGU/MHTG).

Toncontin Int’l Airport (TGU/MHTG).

2 Runway Takeoff, the edge jet quickly.

Artemisa Province, Cuba.

Close Landing 9 Runway, MIA Airport.

Central Terminal, MIA Airport.


Fly an a380 there please

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@FlyIf_0011IFPA Welcome.

But unfortunately, Because I can’t game originally A380 landing an issue, too.

Ok, that is ok

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Thank you.

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You should try flying the 767 there next time

@CHUNGUSflys Not anymore.

American Airlines Boeing 787-9 is home at Miami Int’l Airport. Have a nice the Sun :sunglasses: