American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER. MIA - TGU/MHTG - MIA

American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER.

Flight Route: MIA - TGU/MHTG - MIA.
Flight Time: Took 3 h 50 min.

Server Casual.

This is my game so not bad in close hill down, landing at 2 Runway better improve.

Miami Int’l Airport.

Miami, Florida. Before Runway Takeoff from 26L is climb.

Caribbean Sea.

Toncontin Int’l Airport (TGU/MHTG). Before Landing at 2 Runway it easily and not hard.

Distrito Central, Honduras. Before Runway Takeoff 2 from Toncontin, is climb.


Miami, Florida. In close Landing at 9 Runway.

Central Terminal, Miami Int’l Airport.

If you can allowing “Wide-Body” be safe landing at 2 Runway, good lucky.


Cool pictures! I love Miami :)

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@Cooper_Marcukaitis Yes, Thank you 😁! It was so beautiful in Miami.

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You always surprise me with how you are able to land a 77W at MHTG, nice photos.

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@Pilot_Felix Yes, I did. Thank you 😊‼️. If you allowing “Wide-Body” be safe landing at 2 Runway, TGU/MHTG. It lows between 200 to 175 mph speed also clicked brake hold it at land, too. Happy flying.

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land an a380 next

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@barbadian That’s a good for you. Hope be safe landing runway short, good luck!

Fly this thing from Dallas 😂

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@Pilot_Felix Oh, hmm.

Very cool shots @amaryahjohnson1996!

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@anon57312879 Yes, Thank you 😁‼️

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