American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER (One World Livery)

We already have this on the old AA livery, why not add the new livery? This livery on the 777-200 is an absolute jewel!

(not my photo)


You mean 777-200er right ?

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Boy oh boy… An “ER” changes everything 😂


Infinite Flight has the 777-200ER, but I don’t think it’s a big deal

The 777-200 and the 777-200ER are exactly the same visually, so I don’t see the big deal…

AA only operates the 777-200er and in IF, it is a 777-200er

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Hahaha it is indeed the truth that both are not that visibly different… :P

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Bumping this up so the devs can see!

I really want this livery on the revamped 777 family!

I wish to see this one in the 777 update :)


Lol thanks for bumping, I didn’t even give a like to this one before you bumped :P

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I’ve been waiting to see a screenshot of this beauty! :)

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Me too, haha!! XD