American Airlines Boeing 777-200ER Livery Issue

Not sure if this is the right category for this, but hopefully it is. I noticed an issue with the older American Airlines livery on the new Boeing 777-200ER. The tail colors on the left side of the aircraft are incorrect. On both sides of the aircraft, the “AA” should be red, then blue. In IF, the left side of the tail is blue, then red. Here are pictures comparing IF to real life:

Both sides of the aircraft in IF:

The left side of the aircraft in real life:

Hopefully gets fixed, because this is my favorite livery on the 777-200ER, and it sucks that its lacking realism.


Don’t worry, known issue! Developers have it noted.


Thank goodness, glad to hear it!

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I don’t see a difference

It’s on the tail of the plane

I still don’t see it.

as AA colors in the tail are inverted

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The real picture, compared to the IF picture

Ah I see it now.


Wow I had too look many times to see the difference. How did you notice 😂

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