American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER

Hello all, Today i am here to request the american airlines Boeing 767-300ER NEW LIVERY.
This livery would be nice to have with the new update.

Credit to: Boeing 767-300 American Airlines. Photos and description of the plane

I’m not sure if it’s the same as this.

If yes you need a mod to close the other one if it’s old prior to making a new topic😉

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yea i was just flagging it.

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“If you are wanting to remake an old request, please flag it and we can close it for you. Do not post a new one and then flag the old one without first checking with the moderators.”

Ok but this is the correct way for the future 😉

Anyway I think loads of people will like this livery

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I think you need more details in the main post

Like why do you want it? What’s so special about it etc

I really enjoyed this livery. I hope Devs add that livery. I’m just not going to give my vote because I can not vote.

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I literally just love the tail of this livery. It is amazing.

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Maybe the devs will put it on there when/if they rework the 767 / 757?

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