American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8

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With the recent announcement about the 737 max I thought I would add American Airlines as a features request. American Airlines is an airline located in the United States serving destinations both domestic and abroad. They currently operate a mixed fleet of both Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Currently they have 50 737 max 8 aircraft based primarily in Miami for destinations in the Caribbean. I believe that the addition of this livery would promote flights in the United States and help to mix up the flights with other us based carriers.
American Airlines Information

Again, why can’t I just vote for everything lol


lmao why are yall requesting liveries that they’re obviously gonna put in

For the fun of it lol

Eh, I dont know about that. Back when the 787-8 was released in 2016, it was missing the liveries of several major operators (United, British Airways, Japan Airlines, All Nippon) and still is. We only got Air Canada and American liveries for the jet in October.

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Was looking for this 🙌🏽.

Looking foward to dis

Can’t wait for this livery

Voted! Need all the Major Us Carriers.