American Airlines Boeing 737-800 [Old Livery]

History Of AA and the 737:
American Airlines received their first Boing 737 classic in the 1980s. Since then, they have been a loyal customer of the 737 program. Historically, they have had a total of 52 737 classics. Historically, the 737-800 has been the most important 737 type in their fleet. AA currently operates 300 of the next generation 800 series aircraft, only second in number to Ryanair, dating back to their first delivery in 1999.

AA’s unique Old Livery:
The American Airlines old livery is one of the most notable in the skies. It is painted in red white and blue stripes along the middle, surrounded with different shades of grey. The rear of the aircraft features the old American Airlines logo on the tail fin that was used for 45 years from 1968 until 2013. Another of the most important aspect of this livery is the American Airlines Winglets, also painted in a red white and blue stripe. The unique livery combined with the 737-800 results in a unique airplane that does not disappoint!

There is Already an AA 737 in IF, why another one?
The answer to this question is very simple. Besides how great looking this livery looks, the 737-800 would be incomplete without it. A large portion of AA’s 737 fleet is still painted in these colors, and we must also realize that the new livery on AA’s 737s is only 4 years old, compared to the old livery that has been used by AA (and is still used) on the 737-800 for over 15 years!

Credits: Aircraft photo courtesy of Boeing

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Now that’s how a feature request is done! Bravo 👏🏼


I thought Southwest was #1
They at least have more than American

Was referring to the -800 specifically, will modify the original post so it is more clear.


Aah, that makes sense. Southwest only has 1 or 2 hundred of those.


Because it is the only type on their fleet?

Anyways I have mixed feelings about this livery. On one hand, this is a stunning livery that looks incredible and is a very common sight in the US. On the other, it is a livery that is being phased out and I am currently voting for a request on replacing the old livery with the new one, so voting for this would be inconsistent…
Still a nice livery, and a very detailed and crafted request :)

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I clarified the original again, hopefully makes more sense. Was referring to a historical context. I see you voted for the new livery 777-200. I don’t see why they both can’t co exist together. There are both old and new liveries for AA in IF currently. Same goes for other airlines, such as southwest who have two 737-700 liveries currently (one also being older than the other). We also see a lot of old and new liveries on other planes, such as the 747 (-400 and -200), 777, and most likely on the DC10/MD11. No reason we cant have both :)

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I am aware of this, but I feel like I have to make up my mind. Do I want the new, arguably better, livery? Or do I want the old, but still very good looking on many planes livery? I don’t know.
At the moment I am not going to vote for this for the simple reason that I think there are more important things than adding an older livery of an airline that already has one on the 737.
Nevertheless, I agree it is a very good livery and I would vote it if I had… well, infinite votes.

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