American Airlines belly landing in the hole

The American Airlines flight from Los Angeles 🌴📸 to London Heathrow, UK 🇬🇧☕️ had to make a belly landing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming by since the gear lever stopped working after an engine failure, nobody was injured except a Bison 🦬

Looks like where having Bison for dinner! 😝


Hopefully @United403 knows a good vet.


Florida Bison safe from my shenanigans once again!


According to an amendment added to the Wyoming state Constitution on July 4th 1900…

Section 1: All bison within the territory of Wyoming shall have the right to free access to healthcare services.

Section 2: The government shall allocate necessary funds and resources to ensure the provision of healthcare services, including but not limited to medical treatment, preventive care, and veterinary services, for all bison.

Section 3: No bison shall be denied healthcare services on the basis of their status, origin, or any other discriminatory criteria.

Section 4: This amendment shall be enforced by appropriate legislation and regulatory measures to guarantee the health and well-being of all bison within the jurisdiction of Wyoming

Section 5: Any laws or provisions contrary to this amendment shall be deemed null and void.

This is a joke and no bison were truly harmed

@NonStopsAviation… It’s also Ironic bc a) I’m flying the AA 77W right now and B) Bison burgers are really delicious (only if they are bison that don’t share genes or genetics with fat alberts family)


If you bring that home Imma say bye son

ba dum tssss

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A. I approve of your route, Miami to Honolulu should be a real thing

B. This Bison was in no way related to Fat Albert nor his family


Is the Bison alright

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Yes he is

But you said he’s getting ready for dinner !

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@KPIT someones trying to copy you…


@Nicholas777 the Bison’s broken leg is dinner he can still survive

@IF.Kaden oof, didn’t see the original