American Airlines B777 Livery

Hey Everyone!

I noticed that the American B777 has different colors! Than the one in real life!

It’s like a weird dark gray!



The livery on the 737 is pretty old and outdated. That’s why it looks that way.


It is indeed an old aircraft, as time goes own, it will be updated along with the rest of the IF fleet. Disregard my previous post, I thought you were talking about the AA 777 😂

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I was talking about the B777

Taxi way line skills🤣🤣 no jk but I noticed it too


And look at the different color from this photo on the American B777

I think it’s just a graphics issue because you were at a busy airport, the texture and detail on other aircraft sometimes isn’t as good.

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Looks like something to do with shadows rather than colors.

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The devs did do some livery re-working in the B777 today. As the lines on the UA livery globe were a little better.

I saw that the American livery was really grey too…and didn’t think that’s what it looked like irl. But I know they did update some of that stuff today!

I just noticed something, besides both the AA(regular and One World) and Nordwind liveries seeming to be darker in color, it looks as if the rendering quality on the AA 777 is medium but all my graphics settings are on high. Look at how the light is shining on the AA 777. I think this should be addressed:

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Yeah, I noticed it was light at first and now it’s dark sometimes 🤔

Should I make a support topic on this?

It’s up to you

I noticed this too!! it was lousy fine Yesterday, but today it looks more grey! Not a fan!!

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I just looked and there are a few things I noticed

  1. The fuselage is too dark
  2. The tail is a little bland and almost foggy
  3. The font of American is almost turquoise colored

Just some minor things that could hopefully be fixed easily

All graphics on high btw


Good news! Laura said this