American Airlines B767 New Livery

American Airlines B767-300ER

Credit: AA B767

         Why do I want this in IF?

For starters, American came out with the new and improved livery on Jan. 17, 2013. That’s almost 7 years ago! They finished painting all of their aircraft last year, in December, according to AirlineGeeks. I think it’s time to get rid of the old, and refresh ourselves with something new. American Airlines is a huge, yet wonderful airline. In my opinion, having an old livery for an aircraft will make someone not want to fly it. Therefore, by adding the new livery, more people would probably fly the 767. Finally, it would benefit AAVA (American Airlines Virtual Airlines). If this was added into IF, it’s basically like a whole new plane. Let’s get something new.

 What does American Airlines have to say about their aircraft?
  • In recent years, American Airlines has renewed its fleet with hundreds of new planes to bring customers a more modern, comfortable, and connected experience.

  • We began welcoming nearly 500 new aircraft into the fleet starting in 2013, including 57
    mainline aircraft in 2017.
    Source: Fleet Sheet

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This would deffinetly be a nice livery for maybe a 767 rework (which we really need), I do like the new livery but the old livery just has something to it xD, anyway nice request!


We definitely need this livery once the 767 rework comes out but in its current condition, I’m not going to fly the 767 any time soon. I will give this a vote once the A350 comes out because I have a lot of my votes on it’s liveries.


Another long awaited pro rework of the B767. In due time, even I will vote for this livery.

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The new American Airlines livery is still missing from the 767-300, then it might be added after the 767 is remodeled.


Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Better to get the request out now.

What a great livery! I want to fly Philledelphia-Dubrovnik with this! Voted!


Looks better on the 767 than the 757

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New feature request has been created.