American Airlines B738 Take Off At Miami


Hello everyone today I decided to go to Miami for a photo shoot but then a Delta A319 came so I got this amazing picture of me taking off, I was in the American B738, there was no route on this flight. I did some editing on it to, I hope you like it!

Server: Casual

Time: Afternoon

Aircraft and Livery: American Airlines B738

Route: No Route

Thanks for looking at my photo, please let me know what you think of it, I appreciate it, until next time see you guys around and stay safe!


Dope pic! love it. Miami is one of my favorite airports.

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I love the angle of that shot!

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Nice shot bud!

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Woah, is that civilization…? On the casual server…? Revolutionary.


Yea it’s a really nice airport!

Thanks a lot guys I appreciate it! 👊🏽


Nice simple photos beautiful angle

Nothing over edit

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  1. Change your profile to Pingu.
  2. Taking off from pushback intensifies 100

Great Shot Armani!

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@Anshul28 thanks 👊🏽

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