American Airlines B737-800 (Retro Livery)

The photo is not been taken by me (Site:…-)

This retro paint livery rapresent an old scheme of painting used to oldest B707’s.
It would be very cool if this been added into the game.

Let me know if you like this!

P.S The old one request has been closed like 1 month ago because i wasn’t TL2, so I created another one because i saw that someone likes it! (American Airlines B737-800 | Retro Livery)

Can you please give atleast a link from where you got it?

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One word: eeeeeewwwwwww.

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Make sure to add a link instead of just saying “The photo is not been taken by me” and remember to vote for your own feature request, otherwise it’s a nice looking retro livery.

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YEah, I agree with Pie here, I’m not a fan…

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I am all for retro-liverys but I am out votes…