American Airlines Announces Seattle to Bangalore (Delayed To 2021)

Actually having an aneurysm right now

In addition to Alaska Airlines joining Oneworld, American will be launching direct flights from Seattle to London Heathrow and BANGALORE, INDIA, marking their return to India after ending Chicago to Mumbai years ago.

Not Delhi, not Mumbai, but Bangalore. Not even from its primary hubs, but Seattle.

American will be the only U.S. carrier to serve Bangalore. They will also be the only airline to launch India flights out of Seattle.

In fact, this will be Bangalore’s only flight to North America.

  • Daily Seattle to Bangalore begins October 2020, operated with 787-9
  • Seattle to London begins March 2021, operated with 772

Wow that sure, is gonna be one interesting route! 😱


They might as well just fly to Mumbai and Delhi alongside that route.


Wow! Saw the news and while I think SEA-LHR makes sense for AA, Bangalore is interesting. I saw it and thought “oh it’s probably from a hub like Chicago or LA or something” but Seattle? Now that’s interesting

Also, congrats to Alaska for joining Oneworld!


Why Bangalore out of all Indian airports? That makes no sense whatsoever.


By adding Seattle to Bangalore, we’re giving customers from more than 70 U.S. cities access to India in one stop or less — versus the two, three or four stops they’d have to make to get there in the past.

Also, BLR’s a tech hub.


I mean, Seattle to London I can see although two airlines already fly that route, but Seattle to bangladore? That makes no sense at all

wow that’s interesting, what aircraft will they use do u know?

772 for LHR and 789 for BLR

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I also originally thought it doesn’t make sense, but this is India’s tech hub. This connects companies like never before. For example;

“Bangalore also houses several research and development centres for many firms such as ABB, Airbus, Bosch, Boeing, General Electric, General Motors, Google, Liebherr-Aerospace, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Nokia, Oracle, Philips, Shell, Toyota and Tyco.”

There are also numerous IT companies based here. This seems like a massive untapped market, Delta is playing Checkers at Seattle while American is playing Chess.


Lot of Americans work at tech companies in Bangalore

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I’m kinda surprised how LAX dosen’t have non stop flights to India


Not only is Alaska joining the OneWorld Alliance surprising, the routes AA is adding are also surprising! I did not expect for this to come!

Air India was supposedly going to launch LAX but not sure what happened to it. LAX-DEL is about 60 miles shorter than SEA-BLR so AA could be a possibility, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see United jump on it first given their larger Indian presence.



Imma spot that!

Coincidence that this coincides with Alaska joining One World? Possibly not… 😳

Well, don’t underestimate Bangalore. This airport serves 33 Million PAX per year and is growing rapidly. AA will have found its reasons to operate this route.


No, it is because of Alaska. It’s more detailed in the press release.

AA will feed BLR/LHR passengers onto Alaska Airlines’ flights.

That’s an interesting route! Though it’s not stupid, considering that Chennai has flights to Tokyo Narita (Suzuki is Japanese) and Seoul Incheon (Hyundai is Korean) cargo flights. Chennai is the Detroit of South Asia, after all…

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Because United already has a monopoly at other Indian airports.

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