American Airlines Announces New SDF Route

Just yesterday, AA announced a new route from Louisville Int’l Airport…

We know have our first nonstop service to the west coast! Thank goodness…

Beginning April 2nd, 2019, AA will operate a daily Airbus A319 between LAX and SDF.

The flight from SDF leaves at 7:20 AM local time and arrives at 9:00 local time. The flight to SDF leaves at 10:55 pm local time and arrives at 6:00 am local time that stinks.

More info can be found here:

Tell me your thoughts! For once my family doesn’t have to drive 90 min up to CVG to get nonstops to LAX…


Oh geez,that’s pretty late. Anyhow,great to hear that your hometown airport now has nonstop service to the west coast!

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That’s the part they screwed up, though LRAD (our local airport authority) said the times are more slated towards business travelers…

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The time is bad either way,I wouldn’t want to depart at 6 am or depart at 10 pm.

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The good thing for business traveler is they can get there before bthe day starts. As I know you do not want to arrive any later than 6 to get to morning meetings.


Well, thats definitely a red-eye flight, but that is great news for your home airport. There is no way my home airport(BGR, KBGR, Bangor International) Well ever get flights to the west coast, or scheduled international flights.

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6AM, that’s tough

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These are pretty good times. They connect to Asia/Australia in LAX.

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