American Airlines Announces New Routes

Today, American Airlines has announced new routes for the Summer 2020 season.

Dallas/Fort Worth to Portland, Maine (PWM)

American Airlines finally connects DFW with Maine!

  • Operated with the A319
  • Saturday only.
  • Operates from June 6 to October 3.

Miami to Jackson, Mississippi (JAN)

  • Operates Saturday/Sunday
  • Using E-145
  • Operates from June 4 to August 17

Miami to Des Moines, Iowa (DSM)

  • Operates Saturday/Sunday
  • Using E-175
  • Operates from June 4 to August 17

Washington National & Philadelphia to Traverse City, Michigan (TVC)

American Airlines has been expanding nicely at TVC by recently adding flights from Charlotte and Dallas/Fort Worth

The Washington National (DCA) to TVC flight will be Saturday only.

  • Operates with E-175.
  • Operates from June 20 to September 8.

The Philadelphia to TVC flight is also Saturday only.

  • Operates using E-175s.
  • Operates from June 30 to September 8.

Philadelphia to Nantucket, Massachusetts (ACK)

  • Saturday only
  • E-175s
  • Operates from June 20 to September 8

Charlotte & Philadelphia to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts (MVY)

Charlotte to Martha’s Vineyard:

  • Saturday Only
  • E-175s
  • June 20 to September 5

Philadelpha to Martha’s Vineyard:

  • Saturday Only
  • E-175s
  • June 20 to September 8.

American Airlines now has 20 new routes scheduled for Summer 2020

(Image from Live & Let’s Fly)

Of these new routes announced today, I’m most excited for DFW to Portland, Maine as Texas finally receives a flight to Maine!

Are any of you planning to take these flights?


Awesome new routes.

@BigBert10 will be happy for his home Portland

Really really excited about this one (TVC) - for sure will book!

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I don’t live in Portland, Maine

I live in Vancouver, Washington, near Portland, Oregon.


Wow, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are getting pretty busy. I heard summer time down there is pretty jam packed.

With Portland getting that direct connection to the largest AA hub is definitely a big step forward for them. That airport has grown a ton in the last couple of years.

I couldn’t help myself. It’s MassachuseTTs.

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Philly to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket sound like flights I want to try IRL and In IF

Same here. TVC seems to have exploded over the past couple of years, and with good reason. It is such a beautiful area up in North Michigan!

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Damn, I thought it was Portland, Oregon. But we already have flights to Dallas so it would be stupid.


Great new routes! Always liked when new routes are added out to the islands of MVY and ACK.

I still dream of a day when AA adds something other than PHL from my home airport (ISP)…I really want ISP-CLT to happen…Maybe one day.

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Fixed it, sorry lol.

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