American Airlines announces new route!

American Airlines has announced that starting this December, they will be restarting nonstop service between Buffalo NY and Dallas Fort Worth!


You have to give us more than that. New routes get announced every day. What makes this announcement so important to you? Initiate a discussion.

Details! Details! Details! I don’t like to beg. :(


I have no idea how they are going to fly through the 5 feet of snow covering buffalo in the winter lol


Just like how every other plane arrives and departs Buffalo during the winter.

It makes it important to me because Buffalo is a great city that deserves more attention! The airport also is underrated and deserves and can hold a lot more than it does… Hearing these announcements makes my day!

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That’s much better.

I also like when my local airport gets new traffic (thought it is not underrated). Even though I am not an avid flyer, I always like having new options to fly to new places with new airlines in the off-chance I do decide to fly someplace. :)


how is that a new route where in Dallas is the new route?

AA has been expanding their route system since last year, a lot of new routes (including this one) are being added.

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KBUF has great snow clearing equipment for their runways. Yes it does snow a lot here too😂

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I hope they add many more to the airport! It would be awesome to see it grow.

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