American Airlines Announces New Flights to Casablanca, Tel Aviv, Krakow, Budapest, Prague, and Reykjavik

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Last Thursday, American Airlines announced six new routes, two cancellations, and two increases to existing routes.

New Routes:
Philadelphia to Casablanca - 3x weekly - 757-200
Dallas/Fort Worth to Tel Aviv - 3x weekly - 787-9
Chicago to Krakow - 5x weekly - 787-8
Chicago to Prague - 5x weekly - 787-8
Chicago to Budapest - 4x weekly - 787-8
Philadelphia to Reykjavik - Daily - 757-200

*All Routes except DFW-TLV will be seasonal.

Route Cuts
Dallas/Fort Worth to Reykjavik - Daily - 757-200
Philadelphia to Bologna - 4x weekly - 767-300

Route Upgrades
Philadelphia to Berlin & Dubrovnik - Daily - 767-300


  • American Airlines will be making its first entrance into Africa starting with Casablanca, Morocco. This choice was strongly influenced by upcoming OneWorld Member Royal Air Maroc. Royal Air Maroc has its main hub in Casablanca and will be able to offer connections for passengers traveling from Philadelphia.

  • American Airlines finally returns to Tel Aviv after ending its Philadelphia to Tel Aviv route in January 2016 due to enormous losses. The Dallas to Tel Aviv route seems to be slightly influenced by a subsidy of €750,000 by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism.

  • American Airlines becomes the only U.S. airline to fly to Poland starting with its new Chicago to Krakow route. The flight will be able to directly catch the Polish population in Chicago. Additionally, it will be directly competing against LOT Polish Airlines’ Krakow to Chicago flight.

  • American Airlines adds additional service to Budapest and Prague from Chicago. These flights will compliment its existing PHL-PRG/BUD flights which were launched in May 2018. Those flights have proven to be a success. This year in 2019, AA upgauged its PHL-PRG flight from a 767 to an A330-200(PHL-BUD is rumored to be upgauged to an A330-200 next year).

  • American Airlines ends Philadelphia to Bologna. This flight… never really made any sense in my opinion. They should’ve gone to Naples. Didn’t expect this route to last long, and here we are.

American Airlines ends its Dallas/Fort Worth to Reykjavik, Iceland flight
This is rather interesting. A little history on this route if you don’t know the DFW-Iceland War already.

  • In September 2017, WOW Air(now bankrupt) announced flights from KEF-DFW using an A330-300. A week later, Icelandair announced flights on the same route using a Boeing 757-200. Then, another week later, American announced flights on the same route using its Boeing 757-200.

  • So after all three airlines commenced their flights in 2018, only one remained. WOW Air did not return to DFW this year due to financial problems(last flight was in October), Icelandair cut its flight in February 2019(it began year-round flights, which didn’t make much sense), leaving American the last carrier on the route. It continued its DFW-KEF flights in this summer season until this announcement.

  • With AA moving its Reykjavik flight to Philadelphia, passengers specifically flying on AA will no longer need to backtrack from the East Coast to Dallas. This is a huge advantage for connecting feed into AA’s PHL hub.

  • And the DFW-Iceland War is over. We started with THREE carriers on one route, and ended up with ZERO in two years. Welcome to the market of AA’s fortress hub.


Well time head Casablanca! Always wanted to visit due to my favorite movie - Casablanca!


Amazing! AA finally flies to all 6 inhabited continents!

…and we have more Dreamliner service now. Not great, not terrible.


good for us!!! AA for life!!!

Why, oh why…

I supose good for them, but I guess I’m salty about the AA hub in Philly…

Makes sense I guess, but, so close, we were so close…

I find this hard to believe. Does the 757 have enough fuel to make this flight with one stop?

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This also will compete with LOT’s once weekly (May be wrong) service from ORD to Budapest

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Yes, it should. It’s about 44 miles shorter than DFW-KEF.

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Looks to be 2x weekly operating every Saturday and Tuesday.


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