American Airlines Announces $2.2 Billion Loss

American Airlines has announced its First-Quarter 2020 Financial Results

The Rundown:

  • Net loss of $2.2 billion USD for January to March 2020.
  • Ended first quarter 2020 with $6.8 billion in liquidity
  • Expects to end second quarter 2020 with $11 billion in liquidity
  • First quarterly loss since re-emerging from bankruptcy in 2013.

American Airlines is burning through $70 million a day and hopes to decrease it to $50 million in June.

American Airlines Chairman and CEO Doug Parker.

“Never before has our airline, or our industry, faced such a significant challenge. True to fashion, the American Airlines team has done a phenomenal job taking care of our customers and each other during such difficult and often heartbreaking times. We are incredibly proud of their selflessness and dedication to others.


  • May capacity reduced by 80%, June capacity by 70%.
  • Boeing 767-300s and E-190s officially retired. Boeing 757-200s and A330-300s expected to be retired by the year-end.
  • All Envoy flights from Miami suspended May 7 to June 3
  • Due to government restrictions in the Caribbean and Latin America, American will suspend 85% of its flying from Miami (MIA) through June 4.
  • American will only operate 15 daily flights from New York (JFK, EWR, LGA)
  • Possibility of more aircraft retirements, such as A330-200s, 737-800s, A320s.
  • No hubs will be de-hubbed.

Route Updates:

  • JFK-LHR resumes June 7, 2x weekly
  • LAX-LHR resumes July 7
  • ORD-ATH resumes June 5, 5x weekly (still surprised they’re going through with this)
  • ORD-DUB resumes June 5, 5x weekly
  • ORD-LHR resumes June 4, 5x weekly
  • PHL/RDU-LHR resumes July 7
  • JFK-EZE/GRU resumes July 7
  • MIA-GIG July 7
  • MIA-EZE/GRU/SCL resume June 4

Argentina has banned flights until September, so not sure why they’re still planning to fly to Buenos Aires over the summer.

In comparison to other airlines’ first quarter 2020 results, Delta Air Lines had a net loss of $534 million while Southwest Airlines lost $94 million.


American’s Press Release:
American’s capacity changes:
Additional Info:


Also worth noting, the true effects of falling air travel demand for the most of the airline’s network didn’t come until March, so in January/February American was likely making somewhat of a profit. This means the second quarter of 2020 (April, May, June), could be even worse depending on if American’s strategical cuts actually work.


Oh wow! That is a huge loss of money! Take some from Zoom since there worth more then American Airlines


Funny considering DUI Doug arrogantly said American Airlines would never lose money again.

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Are these the earliest dates they will return?
And if the A332 is retired, hubs like PHL and CLT won’t haven many Long haul aircraft until AA gets more 787s

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Yup. Expect more delays depending on demand.


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What are the factors that are making AA lose sooo much more money? Does part of it have to do with the fact that their whole Miami operation has been almost completely shut down?

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Empty flights, cost of operating exceeds the revenue from the flight.

I think 80% of AA’s flights had a load factor of less than 25% in the past month.

And passengers are cancelling tickets.


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