American Airlines Announces 15 New Seasonal Winter Routes

American Airlines Announces 15 New Seasonal Winter Routes

Yesterday, American Airlines announced 15 total new routes out of these cities. Cancún, Cabo San Lucas, Charlotte, Phoenix, and Miami.

Starting in between the months of December 2020 and April 2021

From Cancún (CUN):

  • Columbus - A319 - Saturday Only
  • Indianapolis - B737 - Saturday Only
  • Kansas City - B737 - Saturday Only
  • Raleigh - B737 - Saturday Only
  • St. Louis - B737 - Saturday Only

From Cabo San Lucas (SJD):

  • Austin - B737 - Saturday Only
  • New York-John F Kennedy - B737 - Daily
  • Sacramento - A319 - Saturday Only

Starting in between November 2020 and April 2021

From Miami (MIA)

  • Dayton - E145 - Saturday Only
  • Lexington - E145 - Saturday Only
  • Milwaukee - E175 - Saturday Only
  • Portland, Maine - E175 - Saturday Only
  • Rochester, New York - E175 - Saturday Only @AndrewWu 👀

From Phoenix (PHX)

  • Billings - CRJ-700 - Daily
  • Bismarck - CRJ-700 - Daily
  • Calgary - CRJ-900 - Daily
  • Cincinnati - A319 - 4x weekly
  • Cleveland - B737 - Saturday Only
  • Nashville - A319 - 4x weekly
  • Pittsburgh - A319 - Daily
  • Raleigh - A320 - Daily
  • Tulsa - CRJ-900 - Daily

What I think about these routes
I think this is a great addition to the many routes that American Routes. I did also notice that Eastern Airlines announced New York-JFK to Cabo San Lucas as well. That’s going to be interesting.

Where I found this news.

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Me looking for my home airport and seeing nothing 😔
But cool topic! lol


Ugh it’s an E175 why do they do this to me


@anon74260613 Thank you for the kind words!

@AndrewWu I thought it would be a A319 to ROC

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Nothing to/from ISP! 😩
But JFK to Cabo sounds interesting. @Balloonchaser


This will be interesting. They want to add these routes but yet want to lay off 19000 people…

American : *announces new routes
Also American : *Lays off 17,500 employees


Anyone else think 4x daily to BNA from PHX is a little overkill?

Overall, system capacity will still be down by 50-55% meaning they won’t need as many employees.

It’s 4x weekly. 4x daily is a typo on OMAAT’s part.


Ah I was gonna say 😅 that’s a bit of an outlier lol

That might be true. There’s just a risk involved with opening more routes with fewer people. Those routes could explode and with having fewer people on staff means more delays etc etc

If demand does explode and they increase capacity/frequencies, couldn’t they rehire staff months before the flights?

AA seems pretty optimistic though:

CEO Doug Parker:

Even if demand stays where it is, you will see us flying a similar level as this for the next 6 months as we get into spring we’ll start ramping up the schedule even if demand is where it is because it will be more seasonal, we’ll move into a summer period and we’ll need more flying.
I fully expect that sometime in the spring we’ll start recalls. And hopefully the easier way to say this is to tell you that we’ve retired a number of our aircraft early… but if we have all the airlines [sic] we currently own flying by next summer that’s an airline that’s going to be something like 10% smaller, let’s say, 10% – 15% smaller than the airline we flew in 2019. Well I told you we’ve had 12,500 individuals voluntarily leave the airline. That’s close to 10% of the total people in the company. Overly simplified math.
My point is this. If we can get this airline back to where we’re flying just the airplanes we own, we’re going to need all the people that are here today pretty much. There’s a possibility anyway that we need everyone back by sometime in 2021.


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