American Airlines and the Ban the Box Campaign?

I saw on the news that American Airlines, along with many other companies visited the White House to campaign for “Ban the Box”

If you don’t know wat ban the box is → Ban the Box - Wikipedia

In my oppinion American should be fighting against this. Wouldn’t AA want to know if a convicted criminal is flying for them?

I think we shouldn’t discriminate against terrorists either. Get rid of all security and border patrol too!


They can do it but that shouldn’t impede on their criminal acceptance rate.

Of all the industries, aviation is a really crappy one to put ex-convicts in. Lower risk jobs are something in which they can cause minimal trouble.


This makes absolutely zero sense! Why wouldn’t you want background checks on who is operating on your million dollar merchandise?! Their asking for bad things to happen.

Delta Application

Have you been arrested? What for?
Yes, Attempted Terrorism.

Guess what, no job for you.

American Application


9/11 all over again.


This might just be a promotional thing for AA but the consequences could be worse

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