American Airlines Airbus A319 "Allegheny" Heritage Livery


American Airlines A319-112 “Allegheny” Heritage (N745VJ)

Photo taken by Steve Brimly via JetPhotos

The Allegheny Heritage livery was first put on an US Airways A319. But since American Airlines has bought US Airways quite some time ago, American kept the livery but slapped an American logo on the sides of the aircraft. American Airlines is a major US airline that has hubs in Los Angeles, Chicago O’Hare, Miami, Dallas-Fort Worth, New York-JFK and Charlotte. Many of their A319s operate on short to medium haul routes.

I would personally love to see this livery because A319s visit GRR all the time from Dallas, Charlotte and recently Phoenix’s seasonal route here. The livery looks very nice and clean because of the darker paint colors. I hope this would come soon to Infinite Flight!

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