American Airlines Airbus A300B4-605R

It would be nice to see this plane in a future update. I personally like the old Airbus planes.

Did you know? This plane that’s pictured above was destroyed in the American 587 crash


Did they actually buy these outright? Or did they inherit them from an airline that they picked up?


I’m not sure, I think they bought them outright though

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Well considering that we currently don’t even have the A300, period. It may be some time with global being worked on. At least until then I’d like to see this livery added to the A330 though which is known to exist.

How many diff models of A300 were there?

According to Wikipedia, 20

I think making your feature request a little more detailed and adding some more information will get you a lot of votes and most probably even mine ;)

Love those planes, Unfortunately they were replaced in 2009 but glad to see airbus back in american airlines fleet

You must put into consideration that this feature request is from September 2016

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The A300 was a master of it’s time, better than the A330

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