American Airlines Agony

Hello, IFC,

This topic is inspired from @RTG113 's Jetblue Nightmare!

This is about a horrible experience I had with American Airlines in April of 2019.

I am coming back home from a trip to Costa Rica in April. In the past 24 hours, I have had food poisoning due to dirty water, have gone to the hospital, had several vaccines at 9 pm and stayed up all night at San Jose Airport (Costa Rica) sorry @BigBert10… :( to wait for my flight.

The Troubles Begin!

I arrived at airport security at 3 AM and got in trouble for toothpaste which led to an intense search and rescue for all the possible liquids in my bag.

I arrive at the gate, find most restaurants closed, so I wait and try to sleep in the terminal. When I wake up, the terminal is CROWDED and found someone spilled orange juice (I hope) on my bag.

As the sun rises, I get a few nice photos of the traffic including this photo of my 737-800:a93676cc754770a2832aacbe1c74a1f5e882eac3_2_800x600
and this picture of a Delta 757-300:
BTW if someone could remove the reflection of the lamp and make the photo a little better, I would love that!

After a few more hours, I board the 737 to find myself in a WINDOW SEAT THAT DIDN’T HAVE ANY WINDOWS NEXT TO A BABY!!!
(seat where the C is painted on the livery).

If you saw the lightning in the second picture, you might have noticed that conditions are not favorable for taking off. We wait for 30 minutes for the weather to clear and start to taxi to the runway. At this point, the plane was unexpectedly very full so we just chilled on the little waiting thingy next to the runway for an hour.
Screen Shot 2020-01-11 at 18.25.40
This place…
After an hour, the pilot announces “ladies and gentlemen, we currently do not have enough fuel left because we SPENT TOO LONG MAKING THE PLANE LIGHTER SO NOW IT’S TOO LIGHT!!!”

We taxi back to the gate via the runway and arrive safely back at the terminal.

The flight was already delayed 2+ hours now and I am sure to miss my next flight from Phoenix to Seattle…

After we arrive, the pilot asks “Who wants to exit the plane, we’ll give anyone who leaves a $100 coupon on AA” NOBODY LEAVES

The price increases to $150 and then about 20 people leave.

After they leave, we waited for ground crew to retrieve their bags from the cargo hold.

After this, we have an engine problem where engine 2 is sending false fire messages to the cockpit, so they turned everything off. We are now in a very VERY HOT 737 full of babies in eco class with everything off so no lights or A/C.

The good news is that I was allowed to take a real window seat from one of the people who left, the last row of the plane, which means I can kinda see contrails and I get to watch people trying to open lavatory doors unsuccessfully, but there is some body odor in the back…

I still got some photos during the wait though…
9bc7c9e42fdd291eee26f76bcb0119767a62d9ec_2_800x600 596503d51081df270cf82646f6af7abb21ba130d_2_800x600
Captain announces “we are ready to go now!”

Everyone: WOOHOO!

20 minutes later, still at gate: ???

We finally pushback and taxi to the runway where I experienced the most POWERFUL takeoff I have ever seen! You could hear the engines literally doing a high pitched screaming!

After a very uneventful flight to Phoenix where I got to do lots of air to air spotting due to heavy traffic, the plane unexplainably shakes on final. If you read the entire story, thank you! I am writing this here so only people that read the whole thing can see it! The captain required everyone to immediately regain their seats and fasten their seatbelts fast.

No more messages until we arrive to the gate at phoenix where I see engine number 2 being opened up and verified with dozens of ground crew around the blades. (Anyone know what happened on final?)

Then, I arrived finally at KSEA at 11:34 PM instead of 4:46 PM because I missed my connecting flight.

Thank You!

Bonus Short Story:

A few years ago, I was flying Kona-Seattle in a Delta 757-200 and we were unable to land in KSEA due to dense for and wind and snow, so we went around like… 3 times maybe… until we flew to Yakima.
Yakima is a small airport that can barely handle a 757, but it was our only shot, so we landed there, delta SMACKING on the runway as hard as possible. We parked at a random place on the TaRmAc and waited until the fog cleared. The fog didn’t clear, so the crew wanted us to leave the plane and take a bus to Seattle, but they did not have any stairs to accommodate the tall 757. We ended up flying back but the maneuver was long because our jetblast could nick all the small props in the air :)


Oh no… That’s awful…


I’m sorry to hear that and yeah the famed window but no window seat yikes.


All part of the US3 experience. ™️

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Welcome to American Airlines. 3 Hour Delay, Guaranteed. ™️


Can confirm!

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What was the shaking like? This past week a Delta 777 from Las Vegas to Paris had to divert mid-air from “vibrations in the cabin” because of a cracked air duct.

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Wow. Sorry…

Seems like most of this was not the airlines fault, and just extreme bad luck.


Yes I did!

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The vibrations were very fast up-down shaking, like if it were on a cheese grate or something…

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The shaking, was this on final or when you were on the ground? Why would people be out of their seats on final.

I know it’s easy to blame the airline but this stuff happens to all of them. You can’t blame the airline for putting a baby near you. You can’t blame them for sleeping at the airport. Would you rather them not address a maintenance issue?

I’ve traveled so much that I have seen and experienced all sorts of things. You have to just go with the flow and everyone will get there at the same time.


Wow. This sound like an awful experience! I’ve flown with American dozens of times and I have never had a bad experience even close to this. But I know that one day my luck will probably run out.


Also another question, did you select your seat for the flight? Or were you randomly assigned it.

Cuz if you look at seat maps like SeatGuru, you can see which seats are missing windows:


Your seat, which I’m assuming is 10A, is the only seat on the aircraft missing a window. Not even 10F.


that’s very rare aha



The shaking was on final.

I was randomly assigned my seat.

I am not blaming it on the airline. This just happened by coincidence with this airline.

The shaking was probably the gear coming down. On some planes, the gear is more noticeably felt than on others. It usually makes the cabin feel like it’s vibrating.


Oh, so they just activated APPR mode, lol 😂


At least RTG got snacks and drinks when he finally got on the plane… just saying 🤣