American Airlines Adds Two New Routes to Embry-Riddle/Daytona Beach

American Airlines has added two new routes to Daytona Beach Airport.

Daytona Beach Airport, which is known for housing Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, is gaining two new routes with American Airlines/Eagle.

For context, Daytona Beach Airport only has domestic service to Atlanta on Delta Air Lines and Charlotte on American Airlines. Previously, AA served Daytona Beach from New York LaGuardia, but that’s no longer the case.

Here are the two new routes:

Route #1 - Dallas/Fort Worth to Daytona Beach:

  • American Airlines will connect Daytona Beach with its largest hub, DFW Airport.

  • This is a huge benefit to Daytona Beach residents, tourists, and Embry-Riddle students needing to fly into Daytona Beach, primarily for ones who live in smaller cities that have service to DFW. The addition of DFW-DAB can eliminate stopovers and allow passengers to fly directly to Daytona Beach from DFW instead of needing to connect through Charlotte or Atlanta.

  • This is a seasonal flight operating once a day from December 17 to April 5 on the CRJ-900.

Route #2 - Philadelphia to Daytona Beach:

  • American Airlines will connect Daytona Beach with its primary transatlantic and northeast hub, Philadelphia.

  • This offers passengers in the northeast more connecting opportunities to Daytona Beach. It even offers passengers one-stop connections into DAB from European destinations such as Amsterdam and Paris, which can’t be accessed by American’s other east hub, Charlotte. Although, the PHL-DAB timings aren’t intended for inbound European connections.

  • This is a seasonal flight operating once a day from December 17 to April 5 on the CRJ-700.

Both flights are already available on American’s website

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Overall, it’s great to see new routes during a period of depressed air travel demand. And, I’m guessing there’s a decent amount of people here who go to Embry-Riddle or are aspiring to study there, so these new routes could assist in traveling there.


Very interesting topic!
Cool! Now I can get there with only one stop on 2 airlines from KSNA!

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The season for the flights make it pretty clear to me they are targeting people who are going down to Daytona as a winter retreat not so much college students, but still interesting to see.


There’s no actually news article linked here. The websites you linked go to the homepages… it would be nice to include the actual news article link

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Sadly I didn’t even have to click on the link to know it was a CRJ :/
It’s cool with new routes and everything, but regionals just make it seem demeaning in a way. Like yeah you’re getting a new route! But no one cares enough for us to fly the 737 or A319.
Don’t get me wrong, I love regional aircraft, but it’s sad there’s not enough demand, it’s such a cool airport.

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If it performs well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an upgauge to one of those aircraft.

For example, Dallas to Key West. At first, it was a seasonal Saturday-only Embraer 175. Eventually, it increased to daily, then year-round, then twice daily, then 1x daily A319 and 1x E-175, and this winter it’ll be a twice-daily A319.

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Ok well that’s good. It’s just crazy the amount of commercial airports some states have and they have flights too 😂

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ATL has flight to DAB if I’m correct. Right?

That’s correct, on Delta

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Yeah, it used to be the MD88

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If so I managed to catch it last year landing over my resort 🙂

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