American Airlines Adds Flights For The Super Bowl

icons8-american-airlines-48 As Miami is the stage where the super bowl is held, also this MIA is a big hub for American Airlines.

American added more aircraft for more capacity, due to America’s Biggest Event!
More flights from the following! : Kansas City, San Jose and San Francisco.

In addition, they added some 777 for more capacity to MIA from all over the world 🌎.

Kansas City Flights
  • A Boeing 757 will depart Kansas City at 09:05am
  • An Boeing 737-800 will depart Kansas City at 11:50am
  • A Boeing 757 will depart Kansas City at 5:45pm
  • A Boeing 737-800 will depart from Kansas City at 8:05pm
Bay Area flights
  • An Airbus A321 will depart from San Jose at 08:15am
  • Another A321 will depart San Jose at 10:20pm
  • An Boeing 737-800 will depart from San Francisco at 11:00am

All theses flights are in addition to the regular flights out of the airports above!icons8-american-airlines-48

Super Bowl

Super Bowl - Wikipedia

Finally let’s go 49ers 💪


Really tempted to try the MIA-MCI 752 flight but not sure if the flight will be full or not 🤔

Considering airlines like Delta, United, and JetBlue are also adding Super Bowl capacity, I’m hoping the flights will be open.

Actually I don’t even think I can because it’s a Friday…

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Looks like a Kansas Fan, wants to the defeat with this 👀😜. Hope they got deals on these flights!

Have a feeling flights out of SF are already sold out!

Never mind, I misread the seat map. It’s 75% open, not sold out.

Ooh! Another flight from San Jose and San Francisco! American already has 767s and 737s flying to Miami, so it’s not a big deal from San Francisco, but it’s pretty cool from Miami as we don’t get any American A321s!

Chiefs kingdom baby
Patty Mahomes is gonna pop off in the super bowl.
Good for MCI tho.


MIA is going to be a mess with the superbowl being held in Miami.

Best bet is to book a flight to PBI/FLL with Delta so don’t get delAAyed.


AA A321s for SJC-MIA?! That’s AWESOME! 😃 😎

SJC doesn’t get A321s from AA and we don’t have MIA service so it’s a win win!

A win win, but not for that long probably about less then a month. AA gets a choice to think about that route for the future! :) 😀

It’s only for two days, January 31 and February 3

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According to this article, it’s not just American Airlines adding temporary flights for this event.

Southwest Airlines has also added a flight from San Jose (SJC) to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) on Jan 31 and FLL to SJC on Feb 3. I checked their website and it was correct! Now I am really excited for these dates to come! :D

Woah! American Airlines will make a lot from that!!

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The Chiefs cheated.
Anyway, that’s smart to add flights because some people will fly to Miami.

Go Chiefs, what are you talking about? 😂

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I’m surprised they’re only flying an extra 738 and 752 instead of a 767 or 777

and on another note, from an Eagles fan

In Cheeseburgers We Trust! 🍔



If you know what the MLS is then you’ll get this one, and you know now a new inside joke that’s out the door.

Who’s really gonna win is the New York Red Bull’s.

All aside new routes that’s amazing or new departures as you might say. I hope new will come to the further to.

I don’t get it because I don’t watch soccer.

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