American Airlines Adds Dallas/Fort Worth To Fairbanks, AK: The Longest Regular A321 Flight In The World + Other AK/MT Routes

On Tuesday, American Airlines announced a set of new routes between its hubs and Alaska/Montana.

Routes Announced:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth to Fairbanks - A321
  • Chicago to Fairbanks - 737-800
  • Chicago to Anchorage - 737-800
  • Bozeman to New York LGA, Philadelphia - 737-800
  • Bozeman to Los Angeles - E-175
  • New York LaGuardia to Kalispell - 737-800
    *All Routes Are Seasonal.

Route Upgauges:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth & Chicago to Kalispell - Upgauged from E-175 to 737-800

Route Cancellations/Downguages:

  • Dallas/Fort Worth to Anchorage - Downguages from 757-200/787-8 Summer 2019 to A321 in Summer 2020.
  • Phoenix to Anchorage - A321neo - This route was not listed on AA’s Montana/Alaska map, and it has not been loaded in AA’s website, while the other AK routes have been loaded. At the moment, it looks like it is not returning for Summer 2020.

Dallas/Fort Worth to Fairbanks & Anchorage will become the two longest regular A321 flights in the world

  • DFW-FAI will be 3,056 miles.
  • DFW-ANC will be 3,043 miles.
  • Both on a Legacy AA A321-200.

These routes beat JetBlue’s current Boston-San Francisco service, which is 2,704 miles which as a block time of about 6 hours and 40 minutes.

DFW-ANC/FAI has a block time of 6 hours and 48 minutes.



Wow! Impressive. Thanks for the info! So it’ll just be a a321, not a a321 NEO, correct?

That’s correct.

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My question is:
When is the government going to create a law limiting the scheduled length of a narrowbody flight!?

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Wow those flights are just at long as JFK - Heathrow!

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Haha, I wish. Unfortunately the future is leaning towards smaller aircraft for longer range missions to smaller/secondary markets.

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Thanks for the info, finally someone other than Alaska flies to Anchorage and Fairbanks!
Alaska airlines batter watch out.

there partners…

Wait, they are?

Thanks for reminding me, I forgot ages ago they were partners.

Actually Delta and United already fly out of Fairbanks.

Delta to MSP/SEA and United to ORD/DEN/SFO.

How do I not know this stuff. Well, I don’t fly much, and I live on the opposite side of the country.

Why? There safe, and allow routes never before possible, they are honesty a benifit to all, if you don’t want to fly that far on a NB, then connect, but alot of people would have longer more expensive trips if these flights didn’t exist

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I am just talking about comfort level. Typically, narrowbodies have less room around the seats, not to mention no large galleys to stretch in, only 1 aisle to walk up and down on etc.
I don’t know if you have ever taken a long-haul, but I have taken many, and if at all possible, I try and stick to widebodies.

Nice! I’m glad to see American opening up these routes 😃

Also, if any of you are wondering: “why is Bozeman-LaGuardia allowed due to the 1500 mile restriction”, this rule does not apply on Saturday so airlines fly their “longer than 1500 mile routes” from LGA on Saturday. 👍

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This is great to hear living in Alaska, will it be seasonal or daily?

Both seasonal and daily running between May and October.

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That’s nice.

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