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American Airlines Flight 20 to London-Heathrow

Hey guys! I recently did Dallas-Fort Worth to London-Heathrow! This was a representation of the real AAL20 flight that is operated daily. This route was flown with the Boeing 777-300ER that is used for this route in real life. Enjoy these great pictures!

  1. American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER blasts out of Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

  1. AAL20 starts it’s turn to follow the AKUNA8 SID

  1. AAL20 reaching their cruising altitude of FL360

  1. AAL20 starting their descent into a very busy London-Heathrow

  1. AAL20 on short final for 27R with many aircraft waiting.

Thanks for looking at these pictures! I had a great flight and I love flying the 777-300ER! I cannot wait until it’s reworked!

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American Airlines; Good job lol
I forgot they upgraded from the -200

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Cool photos. I think I was the Iberia A350-900.

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Sooooo cool! I love AA too much as Delta… I’m not american, but visited america!

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k, now replace the 77W with the new 77W 😍