American Airlines (AAL135) B77W London/Heathrow - Los Ángeles

Earlier today I got bored, so I popped open Simbrief and did a flightplan that mimicked AA’s flight 135 from London/Heathrow to Los Ángeles.

I don’t have Pro, so what I did was to depart from London, only to exit and spawn on final at LAX for the landing. I beat the system guys!

At the gate of Heathrow’s T3.


A view of London.

Almost at cruise altitude.

On final at LAX.

Flare and touchdown!

At LAX’s TBIT gate 137.


How do you have access to the 777-300ER without pro? I thought the only Boeing aircraft available without the subscription was the 747-400.

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Nice trip report! I did AA135 IRL not too long ago

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I had the 77W and 777-200ER before FDS changed their purchase process from individual purchases to a monthly subscription, which was before Global. That’s how I have the A320 family, the A330-300, B787-9 and the B737-700 to 900 and the Dash 8Q-400.


also how did you have London that’s not one of the free airports.

AFAIK, London is still free.

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Really and Paris how did you purchase them before the pro update

I purchased all the regions when IF offered a single payment only for every aircraft and region. You had to pay for the app and for multiplayer. Everything was then changed for a basic one month subscription after Global, and the basic app was made free.

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Wow, then you could consider yourself a veteran in the simulator.


I purchased the app in 2016, so I guess you could say that, yeah.


but the account?

I purchased IF in October 2015, and I created the IFC account one month later. 9 years ago, man do I feel old now.