American Airlines A350-900

American has Ordered A350-900 and will be Delivered in 2018

Photoshopped not by me^^
Click here for the Source of the Orders


That grey looks amazing.

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I love the new AA livery!


Ooh, A350 looks nice!

Looks very nice but the A350 isn’t confirmed… 😥

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That doesn’t mean he can’t request it…

I know… Im just saying!

I’m pretty sure the devs said the A350 won’t be added for a while…


It would still be a beautiful addition to the game!

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Americans A350s have been delayed to 2020-2021

That’s great… #gowithboeing

What a beauty! I love it, it must be added!

I think this is a very good livery, but American Airline has canceled there A350 when they got together with US airways.

Check this out.
Sorry but this topic should be closed, let’s be realistic!😊

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So much of this information is wrong. American never ordered the A350. US Airways had an order for 22 A350-900s, but it was cancelled in 2015 after the merger between US and AA in favor of the 787.

Let’s just go about our day pretending this topic never existed.


Adding on to @Altaria55, this is a 3.5 year old topic, so there was no need to reply to it in the first place.

It’s okay to bump 3.5 year old feature topics. I think. Imagine if someone bumped a 3.5 year old 777 livery topic and then it got a burst of support and the devs add it in the rework?


No, he was not bumping in support of it. What’s the point of a useless post like that?

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