American Airlines A332 (Livery)

Here’s an Airbus A330-200 for American Airlines that we should vote for if Infinite Flight should add it. The Registration for this one is N286AY. Have a look at it and Tell me what you think.

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Hey, unfortunately, already, he made a duplicate of the topic.

Feel free to vote for the topic below. Thank you!

No problem. I will have the livery of the A330-300 up as soon as Possible.

Oops, I forgot it. But I saw the picture the topic was the wrong aircraft Airbus A330-300 and isn’t 200 yet. Let me know.

No I think what @amaryahjohnson1996 means is that if you were to create a topic it would be a duplicate so I agree with his suggestion that you should vote for the two topics he sent so you can aid the cause of bringing these liveries to IF!

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Ah… I forgot about that. I will still design the livery and not post it but I can most certainly help vote. Thanks for the assist.

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One question. How can I vote for it?

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If you go to the topic there should be a little blue vote button in the top left. Like the one here.


Ah. Ok. That helps. Thanks.

Hey, @isaac_and_marcus_Mac you are connection basic is T1 doesn’t make it to the topic features then and it has no time to continue the process next member is T2 the topic features at IFC. #features

It has a good day.

Oh… I totally forgot about that. It’s been like so long since I last used the Community page. Thanks for your help. I will review that.

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Oh, I see and understand now. No problem. You’re welcome to IFC.

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