American Airlines A330-200

Firstly, I would like to apologize for all of the confusion I have caused. I edited the title almost a year ago so it was a stupid edit on my part at the time.

The only reason why I changed the title was because the request wasn’t specific enough. You can’t leave the title as American Airlines A330. There are two different types of A330s so I had to choose one. Since the A330-300 was already requested at the time, I changed it to the A330-200 although the picture was of the -300 variant. If you’re going to make a #features topic, you have to be specific on what variant of the aircraft you’re requesting. You simply can’t leave it as the base variant (B747, A340, etc).

Now, @Alan_Perez, if you’re requesting the American Airlines A330-300 and not the -200, then this topic is therefore a duplicate since it was requested before you made this topic. Now I doubt that you, or a moderator, will be able to edit this topic as it is almost a year old. You can try to edit your post (if you haven’t already) and add the appropriate picture of the American A330-200. If not, then you’ll have to request for this topic to be closed and make the proper -200 variant request.

Since we’ve all gone off on a tangent, let’s try to put an end to this. Hopefully this clears up any confusion. :)