American Airlines A321 (not so-called sharklets)

I have flown the AA 321 a lot but I’ve always wanted to fly with the non so-called sharklets A321.
I also like how the A321 looks with these sharklets and wanted more of these options.


hello there, a similar topic already exist, if you can specify any new detail about yours…

This on is for CFM56 engines if yours dosen’t refer to any engines in particular, they will close it

They are also called wingtip fences and was preferred by US Airways so you will find them on LUS busses but many AA A321s and A319s will come with Sharklets because they are more fuel efficient. The A321 we have is a LAA so i think it’s fine.

this^ and I think that sharklets look better, I feel like they add to the already good looking a321

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tbh it fits American well with their 737 fleet

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