American Airlines A319neo

Can we add american airlines a319neo


Well the a319neo haven’t come out yet so…


Maybe the A319neo is being tested but not in service and didn’t made his first flight yet so please remain in real aircraft. If there is a computer-generated picture, please upload it😊

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Can we add[/quote]

And by the way, we can’t add it, only the developers👍😊


The A319neo is a real aircraft, however, it has not been put into service.
photo is an artist’s impression


I meant an American A319neo @CptNathanHope, and again I just didn’t express myself well.

Sorry, I didn’t understand what you meant. Nothing on the American A319neo, in fact, there are currently no orders for the A319neo. It still may be in the early stages of development.

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Yup! AA didn’t ordered a single A319neo.


Lol people have already begun to request A330neo… Whatchya expect? xD

WHERE POINT ME IN THE DIRECTION OF THE TOPIC! I will contribute as much as I can!!!

Hahaha here you go: Hawaiian Airlines A330neo

I don’t get why I should spend $5 for a new engine on a plane.

The A319neo Prototype is hidden away in a hangar at XFW. I spotted it in March but I’ve been in contact with some spotters there recently and they haven’t seen it for a while. Who knows when the first delivery will be?


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