American Airlines A319

Yay! That is cool!

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I still love this American a319 especially the all mighty sparklers on them that making sexy look in amazing

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I meant sharklets

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This is a delicate balancing act. More liveries means more memory ergo more potential lag. Be careful what you ask for…

AAL has one of the largest A319 fleets, and many people would fly it (There are tons of liveries you never see in IF)

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Yes there are certainly many opportunities to add more. IF in my opinion does a sterling job in balancing the myriad of wishes and providing a collection of useful aircraft. Sure people will always want more. We are a selfish species!

Remember the story of Goldilocks and the three bares? Not to big, not too little, just right…

U know what they should have a airline selection of own many deliveries they have

What do we mean? We do have an airline selection next to the plane when you select it.

So what I mean is that ex. U select one airlines make it American on the b737-800. U tap it and it shows a shows a scroll bar of there many liveries they have even maybe different registration in fact wouldn’t that be awesome addition plz reply to this plz

Nice idea but possibly challenging. Remember that this is a live system. We see each others airplanes. If you were flying a customized airplane then others would not see it the way you do as they would not have access to ‘your’ custom set of liveries. Remember IF is designed as a ‘community’ that is why we work collectively and agree what to implement.


@jcolon90, please stay on topic. :)

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I meant it like this u have your aircraft selections and u Selected an aircraft any aircraft with a livery in the selection for example LIKE American airlines u tap on it and here amazing part, by tapping the aircraft with the airlines u had selected it should have a scroll down selection of the same aircraft with the same airline but with different liveries that have been made and put by infinite flight they should make this in the future so people select a plane they want with their favorite airlines that have various of liveries that developers from this app implemented on the game get it

This would make it so much easier in the future when selecting a plane with the airlines u Selected although it would take a lot to make. So some people won’t have problem complaining about an airlines that have more liveries while others don’t . I hope u guys get my point I’m just telling what a huge benefit this is to the future of this game and how if this aircraft with American airlines on it comes out with different liveries that people want to see it would make it easier to not planes with airlines that have various of liveries like the b777-200er which has two American liveries which should be put in one scroll down row based on this airlines on the same plane I hope u like this idea this should be a topic if it already is plz reply and tell me what you think

Oh and I know I’m too wordy I just of this amazing idea when adding liveries to an airlines and this IF topics we can write what we think since we are the people that make this app amazing

Just not profanity though or i’ll report

Yup we need an Aeroflot F14.

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Ooh I like it

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It would really be one of the best A319 liveries (and we only have one sharklet A319, the Air China livery)


It really should be :D

American has 10 or 12 a319s ba, easy jet, are Aer lingus us airways all have 40-60 319s (big difference)

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